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109 Responses to Richard Eng’s So. California Full Card Sheet

  1. mrfred says:

    Hi Rich,
    The last 2 days have been so successful for me . Friday 3-4- 2016 with your selections
    netted me $262 hitting the late pick 4 at SANTA ANITA and then Saturday 3-5-2016
    with your selections I hit the pick 5 for $543 . I know how difficult it is to cash a ticket but this is just too much. your one the best and you do your homework. Thank you ,
    thank you, thank you
    Fred York ( a happy client)

    • Richard Eng says:

      Thank you for the kind words Fred. I like that you email me a lot so we stay in constant contact. Anyway I can help the players, I try. Congrats on you doing great work too!
      Rich Eng

  2. oldprostg says:

    I’m 83 & trying to learn as much as I can to help me have more success at windows.

    Could you answer, what effect does rail distance have on a race?

    How do they figure out which horses to load first in the gate?

    Why does a trainer drop class after a win?

    Thank you

  3. ronbhere says:

    Do you still need people for Saturday at Gulfstream? If you do how do I send the $20 to you.

  4. john browning says:

    how do you get the three days of free picks?

    • Richard Eng says:

      To get the 3 days of FREE picks, now 2 because Thursday is over, just register to my home page, which is free to do. If you are registered already, just log on using your user ID and password that you created, and on my home page click on ARCHIVE PAGE. Thursday is there right now. Later tonight, I will post Friday’s sheet. 3 FREE days as I play in the Horseplayer World Series at The Orleans.

  5. GerardVV says:

    Thanks for Picks 4/3/16= Spot on again, You had the PK6 though quite chalky. It paid $323.40 (but you had all SIX) I had the Late Pk4 with your picks- only paid $44.20 (Can’t believe TVG broadcasters were bragging about the Late PK4 Pool being at $800K and it still only pays $44.20- explain sometime. Jerry V

  6. GerardVV says:

    WTG Rich. 4/7/16 6 of 8 winners. Missed the $72.60 LS in Race 4 (understandable) Gave me the Late $0.50 PK4 on $18.00 tx= $125.30 Money for Saturday. Keep her rolling!

  7. GerardVV says:

    Learned my lesson. Hit the Early PK5 for $449.50 (Thanks again Rich). Decided to Press & doubled down on Race 8 #3 Danzing Candy & played away from#2 Exaggerator (Rich’s top pick in Race 8) kissed EZ DD (with Songbird) PK3 and late PK4 Good Bye. Got out of the Rich Eng game & ventured on my own w/o success. Leave the Ponies to those that know what they’re doing. Bow down to Rich -he’s 42 for 48 in picking winners in last 5 days at Santa Anita. WTG, Man. YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!

  8. GerardVV says:

    The Ky. Derby. Rich Eng is AMAZING. He knows how to pull rabbits out of a hat. He knows the right bet combinations and the Horses. In his POOL ($40/share) he hit OAKS/DERBY DD 5x. He hit the Promotional $10K Twin Quin (at Sunset Station Casino) on Oaks Day and barely missed the $20K Twin Quin Promotion on Derby Day. He hit the Late Pk4 on Derby Day (and predicted he would) for over $2500.00 If you’re not betting with him, you’re betting alone. In his Derby Column for the LV Review Journal nailed the first FOUR Derby finishes. I bow to Rich Eng.

  9. SallyC says:

    I agree with GerardVV. I also joined his pool and was delighted by the results. I feel lucky to have a chance to bet with him. I’ve also learned so much from his Southern California handicap reviews and recommend them highly. If the Derby winner hadn’t been 2-1 odds (in a 20 horse field!) the wins would have been even greater. Hooray for Rich Eng! He spots things in horses nobody else notices and that’s where the big payouts come from.

  10. djmont says:

    Richard is the best handicapper I’ve found. He helped me win big on the Kentucky Derby. He’s the real deal!

  11. debmar10 says:

    Great job on the Derby Pool! Not just the Derby, but SA handicapping is great. Love how you make your cards with your top 2 choices and then a long shot bet: makes playing within a budget like mine possible—- handicapping for non-wealthy players who can’t afford ridiculous spreads. Keep up the great work! I’m spreading the word to my friends!

  12. Broadstreet says:

    Hi Rich,

    I’ve been a follower of yours for many many years at LVRJ and am glad your picks have re-surfaced here!! I recently joined in on your Oaks/Derby team ticket and you once again have proven don’t go to the track without Rich Eng’s picks in your pocket. Our team ticket doubled our money but that was nothing compared to what I cashed on my own at the Racebook!! Thank you so much!!

  13. sandini1 says:

    A special shout-out to Rich Eng, whose book I have gifted to friends, and follow on Twitter. I enjoy his Friday LVRJ column, he shares his picks on Race Day LasVegas, and I closely listen to his observations on Steve Byk’s radio show – At the Races. Rich offers his subscribers his best plays, and at the end of the day follows up with an email. He is personable, has a warm sense of humor and welcomes his subscribers to stay in touch. We participated in a group Oaks/Derby team ticket – that was so much fun. I look forward to many more. A million thank yous!

  14. huntersinn says:

    Hi Richard,

    I was trying to use the “Archives ” . I went to your home page, clicked on “Archives” and didn’t see the last few races for 10 Jun ?????

    Try it…. where did I go wrong?

    I am going to try and beat Exaggerator tomorrow … here’s why,

    Any horse that has feet that loves the soft sloppy footing .. In my humble opinion will not like the deeper “sandy” surface at the Big Sandy !

    I like him in the 2-3-or 4th hole on a Tri.

    I’m thinking of playing a Tri Box 1-2 11-13 for $24

    Good Luck to you whatever you’re playing tomorrow

    Please ket me know how I can get the “Archives” when you put them there.



    • Richard Eng says:

      Hi Claude, I checked and all of the races from June 10 are on the Archive Card page. None are missing. Please try again and let me know how it goes. I like to transfer the days races over to the Archive so subscribers can see for FREE how I did. And if they want to play the last 2 or 3 races using my picks, optional of course, then they are there.

  15. SallyC says:

    Congrats on having every winner on yesterday’s card!

  16. SallyC says:

    For at least 3 days in a row now Richard has had every winner listed on his Santa Anita handicap picks! WOW!

  17. come on Richie I know you can do better concentrate my friend

  18. GerardVV says:

    Sunday 7/17?? Del Mar:Race 5 #8 Chatti on Top a SINGLE? And Race 9 (Stakes) #5 Midnight Storm a SINGLE w/ Bajarno? I need a SINGLE or two to cut down on cost of Ticket. Thanks.

  19. Jerry Van Valkenburg says:

    Bejarano is off his first two mounts Race 1 #6 Pragmatical and Race 2 #2 Iancol, (both were your selections) any info, is he off all mounts today?

  20. GerardVV says:

    Bejarano is off his first two mounts today, both your selections, Race 1 #6 Pragmatical and Race 2 #2 Iancol. (Both are scratches) Any info? Is he off all his mounts today? Thanks

  21. GerardVV says:

    Bought the RichEng $6.00 tip sheet for Sunday 7/17/2016. Played a skinny $24.00 PK5 ticket. RichEng hit them all. Collected $603.00 Huge ROI. Can’t wait for Friday 7/22 Del Mar tip sheet. Thanks Rich.

  22. jerry1019 says:

    Great picks Saturday the 15th of Oct. Not that I had of them. One of these days I might decide to win money at the track and use your picks. Until then I will just keep throwing good money after bad. Too bad for me. You can lead a horse to water but…

  23. SallyC says:

    Wow thank you Rich!! I played your picks today at Los Al and won the pick 6: $1435 on a $4 ticket!! You do such a great job handicapping, thank you, thank you!! Cheers-

    • Richard Eng says:

      TY Sally. Talk about efficient betting, $2 to hit the P6 n a $2 consolation 5/6 to win $1,435. My sheet on Saturday was en fuego. I missed R1 n than finished w 8 straight top choice winners. That won’t happen all the time, or even a lot, but I am so thrilled for your win today. All the best, Rich Eng

  24. jerry1019 says:

    Is there some other way to access your picks. I don’t use paypal and I want nothing to do with it. How about a credit card?

  25. jerry1019 says:

    Where are your picks for today. I paid but could not find the picks listed.

  26. jerry1019 says:

    Nice pick on the radio yesterday. I hit the exacta and it paid better than expected.

  27. jerry1019 says:

    What time today are your picks available?

  28. Jerry says:

    Any picks today for Florida tracks? It is the 4th of January and those tracks are going hot and heavy.

  29. SallyC says:

    Another great day at Santa Anita yesterday, as a $40 pick 4 turned into $1225. Thank you Richard!

  30. Jerry1019 says:

    I don’t propose telling you how to handicap but I have been playing the horses for years and on occassion you make the dropping in class error. I don’t have any scientific study about horses dropping in class and yes I have won at times with class droppers but they seem to win at about 10% which means they lose at 90%. Horse going up in class seem to do better and the odds are good too. You might want to look at that before you give out any more class droppers as your radio pick. Just a suggestion.

    • Richard Eng says:

      Hi Jerry, I never mind constructive criticism. There is always more than 1 way to skin a cat. I think the class drop in particular was my radio play of a horse going from MSW to a maiden claiming price tag. I like that drop a lot because some ugly looking horses win sometimes at huge odds. You make sense in that many class drops are negative, red flag drops. I guess my point is all class drops cannot be painted by the same brush. Some drops are good, some are bad.

      • Jerry1019 says:

        Another class dropper went down in flames today, Nuke Laloosh, who just last September was running in 80k claimers and then dropped to 25k and now drops to 16k and runs up the track. That horse will have to go to Golden Gate to find a level he can win in. I gave up on class droppers a long time ago and this horse today only confirms my class dropping fears. I have cashed some large tickets over the years on horses going up in class. I understand the logic behind backing class droppers but only a couple of trainers ever had consistant sucess at it. Mike Mitchell was probably the best ever at class dropping and winning.

        • Jerry1019 says:

          Last comment but another dropped out today in the 8th race. Ran in stakes race and trained by holendorfer and dropped Lran up the track. “The ultimate class drop” and nothing. Have I made my point?

  31. Jerry1019 says:

    Rich, Today at Gulfstream in the second race there is a horse named Harryhee who a few races won at the $6250 level and he was then jumped up to 10k and went off at 60-1 thanks to he class jump. He ran 3rd and paid $24 to show. These are the horses we should be looking for if we want to make money at the track.
    Also, your horse yesterday was beaten by the 4 horse who just won his last race and looked great on the track at 13-1. One of the things he did was buck in the post parade and that is the best sign of all. When a horse kicks up his back legs in the air bet that horse. When I saw that I got off your pick and jumped on the 4 horse.
    Nice late pick 4 yesterday on your sheet . It paid a nice $180.

    • Richard Eng says:

      Great to hear Jerry. I like to tell folks that my sheet is in support of your own handicapping. Hopefully two brains are better than one!

  32. SallyC says:

    Wow, he did it again. Rich swept the 8 race card today at Santa Anita, sweet!

  33. Jerry1019 says:

    I know you like droppers and I have one for you, Cinderela El Crome, in the 7th at AQ. He is 20-1 and may be good for a show bet. Feel lucky?

  34. Jerry1019 says:

    The horse I gave you paid over $40. I don’t hear any thank you from anyone.

  35. Jerry1019 says:

    Where are the two free races you talked about today on the radio? I don’t see them.

  36. jerry1019 says:

    Never mind, I found it.

  37. Jerry1019 says:

    Great pick on Irish in the Blue Grass. I looked at the replay and he looked bad after going to the lead and falling back. Bad sign. But he came back in a big way. Surprised me even though he is a nice horse.

    • Richard Eng says:

      You meant the Wood Memorial for Irish War Cry. He was my SIMO POD and won easily at 7/2 odds. He is one of the ones to consider in the KY Derby.

      • Jerry1019 says:

        My race mix up. Sorry there were so many big races going that day I could not keep track. It was the Wood. But today in the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn Park you nailed it with the 11 horse that came home second to the favorite and paid a nice $50 exacta. That pick turned an ok day into a fantastic day. Now if you could only handicap the races in Japan. Huge payouts and I have yet to hit anything big over there. If you did a simulcast pick for a Japan race we could laugh all the way to the bank.

        • Jerry1019 says:

          One more thing. I do have Irish War Cry on several tickets in the KD futures. A run like that last one and we will see him in the winners circle.

  38. GerardVV says:

    Rich Eng, continues to Hit The Mark. A mere $6.50 gets you his Tip Cheat for the day plus a Simulcast Pick. Sunday 4/10 I used his picks ($24.00) with a skinny ticket to hit $124.00 return. Feels Good to be a Winner. Jerry V

  39. Jerry1019 says:

    One more thing. I do have Irish War Cry on several tickets in the KD futures. A run like that last one and we will see him in the winners circle.

  40. Jerry1019 says:

    Ho hum. Just another day cashing tickets after buying Richard Eng’s picks. Mr. Eng you make it look easy. How do you take such a tough game as horse racing and turn it on it’s head.

  41. SallyC says:

    April 21 was a WOW day- the pick 5 and the pick 4, made more than $1800 THANK YOU RICHARD!

  42. Jerry1019 says:

    Today in R5 the #4 is at 15 to 1 and that makes it interesting. Yes the horse is going against a group of tough horses and this is his first against winners but I think he can hang with them and maybe even outlast them to the finish line. I can do this might just be able to do this. A small chance bet (very small bet) is in order.

  43. mistymaggie says:

    Hi Richard,

    Read your book Handicapping Horses for Dummies–It was apropos for me LOL
    I signed up on your web page and also applied for a one day Santa Anita tip sheet for today 5/14/2017–
    I tried the link but it is giving me yesterdays–Am I early for it ?? I am on the East Coast

  44. Jerry1019 says:

    5/18 Your radio play and a class dropper ran up the track. I have said it before class droppers miss at around 90%. Class climbers hit at 40%. Rough estimate but you get the idea. I do not bet on class droppers except in rare instances and even then I never put more than a c note them.

  45. GerardVV says:

    5/27/17 Rich hits the first 7 Races (of 9). Nails them. If you followed him for $6.50/day you’re way up. Hits early Pk5 (with a scratch) so you get paid 2Xs. I had enough winners to risk $12.00 3 horse box exacta in Race 9: 10-1 over 99-1 paid me $1208.60 wouldn’t gambled on the Longshots w/o Rich Eng’s winning picks. Smiling to the Bank……

  46. SallyC says:

    Thank you Richard for the $900+ pick 5 today at Santa Anita- another amazing day!

  47. GerardVV says:

    Santa Anita 6/1/2017 Right off of your Eng’s Picks.
    Race 5 #2 Princess Kendra….you make me look so smart……a 11-1 shot.
    $0.50 PK5 which I usually don’t play but with 2 Bingo’s today (Race 3 and Race 4)….$8.00 Ticket=$268.00

    Thank you. 🙂 🙂

    Jerry V

  48. michapalm123 says:

    I just purchased a one day card and l cant figure out how to access it. Please help. This is my first purchase

    • Richard Eng says:

      I Michael, I emailed you today’s SA sheet to 2 email addresses you gave to me. You are a FT buyer and I really appreciate you trying out my product. Good luck today at the races! RE

  49. Bruce Little says:

    Richard Eng made my day today, Saturday June 24……….He gave me the #6 horse Record Highs, in the first leg of the Station Casinos Twin-Quinella today. That is all I needed as I picked the other horse in the first leg and both horses in the second leg to be the only winner for today’s Twin-Q. Big payoff!! Thanks Richard.

    • Richard Eng says:

      Congrats Bruce, well played on your part. I probably get more enjoyment when my subscribers win. This is a hard game to play and I love seeing people like yourself break thru with a signer. All the best, Rich Eng

    • GerardVV says:

      Bruce: Rumor has it- it was a $10K payday. Care to comment? Jerry V

  50. GerardVV says:

    July 4th SA. Thanks Rich your $6.50 sheet,it came in very true. My $27.50 PK5 tx paid me $393.30 – it was a Single/3/3/2/3 tx. BTW the TVG pro hit the $393.30 prize with an $84.00 tx I’ll stick with Rich Eng. In Eng I Trust. Happy 4th.

  51. wayne sadowski says:

    Hi Rich

    I was trying to determiner if you will have Friday and Saturday BC picks here and if so do I just purchase the 2 days at any time or does it have to be the day of the races?

    • Richard Eng says:

      Hi Wayne,
      Since the BC is at Del Mar it will be included in my normal daily SoCal handicap. I am not increasing the cost, still the low $6.50 per day. You can pay via PayPal in advance ($13.00 both days) and just send me a reminder email. All the best,
      Rich Eng

  52. wayne sadowski says:

    hi Rich

    sent you an email

  53. GerardVV says:

    Breeders Cup 2017 very Challenging. Long shot bombs were going off everywhere. Declaration of peace ($30.40) Caledonia Road ($36:60) Stormy Liberal ($62.40) Bar of Gold ($135.40) Wuheida ($24.40) Good Magic ($25.00) Talismanic ($30.20) last two Rich Eng hit to give our Team Ticket $67.50 $0.50 Pk4 = $1227.50 take out. If you’re not on the Rich Eng train, you’re not moving down the track. Ask Rich Eng about buying into our Team Ticket @ $60 a share or so! Risk a little gain a lot. But his sheets for $6.50/day are a BARGAIN.

  54. cactikid says:

    Your web page still shows you as columnist for the LVRJ (I wish it were so).
    Thanks for the “freebee”.

  55. Michael Palmer says:

    Really nice sheet today. Hit both pick fours and several nice exactas. Thanks Richard

  56. Michael Palmer says:

    This sheet is a real bargain. I have tried many but recommend few. This is one worth having. If you are a selective handicapper there is no way you wont make money on Richards Santa Anita sheet.

  57. Michael Palmer says:

    I only got home in time to play the last three races on the sheet. Still enough time to nab a sweet pic three and two nice doubles, a couple of exactas and tri,s. Thanks again buddy.

  58. Michael Palmer says:

    Hey Richard. I bought todays sheet but got no confirmation from my credit card people.I did receive a paypal confirmation saying l paid you. Just making sure. I don’t want to miss todays card. I have a good feeling about todays card. Let me know if l need to do anything.

  59. GerardVV says:

    Rich Eng is SUPER. Bought his KyDerby SSPrep for GP ($6.50) made an extra $130. Then he posted his SA Picks Free after SA 6th Race. I hit Late Pk 4 ($108) with a skinny Ticket. And Hit the Pick 3 ($41.40) thanks for posting your sheet early enough. Forgot to bet the Late DD -it was there for picking ($42.00). Also turned a $2.40 $0.10 SF into $66.40 in Race 8 @SA. My first horizontal wins of 2018. January was a Cold month for me.

    Jerry V

  60. GerardVV says:

    How did you come up with #6 Paddy Jean in Race 9? I Bingo #2Aquafobia in Race 6($5.60) your POD then Triple in Race 7 (your picks) #7 Tapita Bonita paid a whopping $25.20 and then Paddy Jean paid $19.00 returned me =$636.00
    You Da Man! two days in a row, g
    Keep them coming,

  61. Jerry Fair says:

    Well the KD is running this Saturday and all eyes will be on Justify. He could win but I doubt it. My money will be on Audible. To be honest I have not seen many of the horses run except My Boy Jack and he looked pretty good although I don’t think he beat much. I did see Audible win at Gulfstream and that race impressed me and I have been watching racing for 40 years. He not only passed the field like he was shot out a cannon but he kept going and won going away. I don’t need to see anything else. Audible made a believer out of me that day and I will be betting a lot on him in the derby.

  62. Jerry says:

    When the track for the KD came up wet Audible chances were reduced. I never liked closers on a wet track. Justify’s front running style made the difference. Plus the fact he is just a great horse. Let’s see what happens in the Belmont. As the distance increases and the tracks are dry Audible should move forward.

  63. Vigneto says:

    Rich, thanks for your Peter Pan picks; they made my Saturday very successful!

  64. jordan da mauer says:

    youbnailed that best bet today….wow…worth the price of the service…great handicapper for a small bettor like myself…

    • Richard Eng says:

      TY Jordan. When my BEST BET and/or SIMO POD win it usually pays for the price of the sheet. I appreciate the kind words, all the best.

  65. rmhealy25 says:

    What does the $20 Triple Crown entail? Maybe the 2017 copy is available to scan. Thanks, Robert
    Knights, so close. Great Run!.

    • Richard Eng says:

      Hi Robert, the $20 and/or $40 options on the PayPal link for for buying the full card analysis reports I handicap for I do it on all big days that include the 3 Triple Crown events and the 2-day Breeders’ Cup. has also asked me to do the Travers Day card and maybe they will co9me up with even more weekend dates. TY Rich Eng

  66. Jerry says:

    Where is today’s today’s sheet

  67. Jerry says:

    What is your email address

  68. jordan da mauer says:

    Your picks on Raceday Las Vegas have been fire this weekend…Thank you your your contributions to that show..For small bettors like my self I am in the positive return throughout the meet….First time ever…..Cant wait for your selections next weekend.

  69. rick123 says:

    I would like to purchase your Breeders Cup handicapping sheet for Saturday only. I cannot tell if your one day purchase option is for Friday or Saturday.

  70. GerardVV says:

    Wow, Rich Eng was hot Today, December 1, 2018 at Del Mar. He picked 8 out of 9 Races. Only missed in Race 5 (a $17.00 Winner) His Pick of the day #4 Kingly in Race 8 allowed me to get home with a skinny Ticket. Paid $6.50 for his sheet. Won 3 -Pk3’s ,
    2 Exactas, the Late Pk4 and a Baffert-Baffert Late DD (w/ Kingly) That Paid $69.00
    All total $441.00 or ROI of 670% based on the value of his sheet. Thanks Rich, you

  71. Gerard Van Valkenburg says:

    Rich did it again, I viewed almost 20 different Handicappers advice
    for The Belmont only three had #7 Sir Winston winning, one guy on
    DRF (Dan G), unircapper/Ellis Star and our very smart Rich Eng!
    Rich Eng gave out Sir Winston on Thursday.
    $581 turned in to $2450.00 Thanks Rich!
    #7 Sir Winston won by 3 lengths paid $22.40
    We don’t need no stinking Chalk

  72. Jerry Van Valkenburg says:

    Why do I listen to Rich Eng and Race Day Las Vegas

    Cuz I won the DMTC Early Pk5 TWICE!
    Plus the $0.10 SF all on cheap tickets.

    Had an $18.00 ticket 2,2,3,3,1 paid $166.60
    And said, Rich liked both Race 4 #7 Spokane Eagle on Radio and Race 5 #8 Reedley on his sheet. So I played a $6.00 1,4,3,1,1 ticket for another $166.60 plus being crazy I threw out a $11.20 on $0.10 SF 8/2-10/ALL/ALL for an additional $55.72 THATS WHY I Listen to RaceDayLasVegas and buy your sheet.

    That’s $387 on bets of $35.20.

    Got Patrick McQuiggan to tip Race 8 #5 Dessert Oasis
    in the nightcap. Played $11.20 $0.10 SF with #5 on
    top followed 4-7 (Unicorn)/ALL/ALL paid $255.30
    All total today Sunday I won over $730 on skinny bets.
    Thank you. Thank you

    More $ in my TVG Account than in my Bank Account!


  73. Jerry Van Valkenburg says:

    Why do I listen to Rich Eng and Race Day Las Vegas?

    Cuz I won the DMTC Early Pk5 TWICE!
    Plus the $0.10 SF all on cheap tickets.

    Had an $18.00 PK5 ticket 2,2,3,3,1 paid $166.60
    And said, Rich liked both Race 4 #7 Spokane Eagle on Radio and Race 5 #8 Reedley on his sheet. So I played a cheap $6.00 Pk5 (1,4,3,1,1)ticket for another $166.60 plus being crazy I threw out a $11.20 on $0.10 SF 8/2-10/ALL/ALL for an additional $55.72 THATS WHY I Listen to RaceDayLasVegas and buy your sheet.

    That’s $387 on bets of $35.20.

    Got Patrick McQuiggan to tip Race 8 #5 Dessert Oasis
    in the nightcap. Played $11.20 $0.10 SF with #5 on
    top followed 4-7 (Unicorn)/ALL/ALL paid $255.30
    All total today Sunday I won over $730 on skinny bets.
    Thank you. Thank you

    More $ in my TVG Account than in my Bank Account!


  74. Gerard Van Valkenburg says:

    The Bing Crosby Del Mar Season was only 15 days of racing but they canceled two days because of “predicted rain” didn’t cash a single ticket until the last day of the meet. Seems every third race had a “bomber” paying $20+ (Or more) Decided to make a stake on PK3’s. If one race had a bingo (sure single) I’d play a Pk3 with 5 horses and 6 horses = $15.00. Last day using Rich Engs picks an $18.00 $0.50 Pk3 paid me $305.40. As Rich says “bet a little win a lot”.

  75. Jerry Van Valkenburg says:

    The Bing Crosby Del Mar Season was only 15 days of racing but they canceled two days because of “predicted rain” didn’t cash a single ticket until the last day of the meet. Seems every third race had a “bomber” paying $20+ (Or more) Decided to make a stake on PK3’s. If one race had a bingo (sure single) I’d play a Pk3 with 5 horses and 6 horses = $15.00. Last day using Rich Engs picks an $18.00 $0.50 Pk3 paid me $305.40. As Rich says “bet a little win a lot”.

  76. Joseph says:

    Can you discuss what wagers are best when the racebook is booking the derby?

    • Richard Eng says:

      A quick and simple answer to your question of race books booking the Oaks and Derby. KISS With caps in place and only WPS, exactas and trifectas in place the strategy is easy. Straight bets on horses you like. Exactas rarely reach the cap. But be wary of your trifecta plays. There is potential to reach the cap should you connect some long shot dots correctly. If you have time, you need to research which race books have the highest caps or even NO caps at all.

  77. Lioncourte says:

    Can I access the picks for this weekend? I subscribed minutes ago and received the login email.

    • Richard Eng says:

      I just emailed sheets for DMR and KD for Saturday. Thank you so much for subscribing. You will receive the sheet (s) usually the night before racing. All the best, RE

  78. Richard Eng says:

    I will always handicap a sheet for the SoCal racetracks: Del Mar, Los Alamitos, and Santa Anita Park. The “extra” tracks I handicap are Keeneland and Kentucky Downs meets.

  79. Lioncourte says:

    Thanks Richard…my state (Arizona) has restrictions preventing me from wagering on the California racetracks but I can still focus on Kentucky Downs.

  80. On Saturday Nov 19,22. Rich Eng’s listed Every Winner at Del Mar Race Trace.
    Yes. he listed Three Possible winners for all Nine Races but he went 9 for 9 with winners. I won 3 Pk3 1 pick 4 and the early Pk6 (that paid $244) Rich Eng understands Del Mar. Mr foolish mistake was I was Hot and didn’t bet enough. Thank You Rich Eng!

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